Cleansing Ritual Set

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  • Cleansing Ritual Set
  • Cleansing Ritual Set

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Good skin should be clear and radiant from within. However, prolonged exposure to toxins and pollutants in the environment and cosmetics can lead to dull and uneven skin tone, and at times dark spots that mar the complexion. Never undermine the power of cleansing and go beyond lather and wash - start on this Porcelain 3-Step Cleansing Ritual to help you achieve glowing skin from within. 

Step 1: Cleanse - Revive, Makeup Cleanser (120ml) U.P. $55

This oil-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free makeup cleanser, which also doubles as a pre-cleanser, boasts a wonderful blend of Orchid Extracts that loosens impurities whilst providing deep hydration at the same time. 

Step 2: Exfoliate - Revive, Natural Skin Refiner (50ml) U.P. $98

Melt your troubles away with this marvel of a scrub that contains a potent blend of aloe vera and natto extracts. Massage it onto skin to boost micro-circulation and allow its natural enzymes to soften dead skin cells. It can also be used as a 10 minute mask to reduce inflammation on acne-prone skin.

Step 3: Tone - Revive, Glycolic Toner (120ml) U.P. $59

This alcohol-free toner is enriched with a unique blend of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Vitamin C & E to clarify your skin and protect it from free-radicals. 

Step 4: Hydrate - Balance, Hydraclear Gel (3ml) U.P. $15

This clear and weightless gel works hard to keep acne, inflammation, bacteria and excess sebum at bay so that you can enjoy skin that is hydrated, balanced and spot-free.


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